10 good news of 2022
I hope these illustrated positive stories will help to reinforce your belief that even in the worst of times people make many good things happen and that even the tiniest, most inconspicuous gestures can make our world a better place.

Have a Merry Christmas and happy new Year of Good News🎄 

1. The director of a zoo in New South Wales, Australia, brought home several red pandas saving them from a blazing bush fire.
2. As flights from Italy were cancelled due to the pandemic, a ten-year-old boy decided to walk with his father to visit his grandma in London. After 93 days, 2.800 kilometres and two weeks in quarantine, they made it to Trafalgar Square so boy could finally give a hug to his grandma.
3. A garbage collector in Bogotá, Colombia, has collected over 25,000 books people had thrown out and this year he opened a public library for poor children on the ground floor of his house.
4. A father who wanted to spend Christmas with his daughter bought tickets for all six flights she worked as a flight attendant so they could be together on 24th and 25th of December while flying around the country 
5. When students in Bristol, learned that their school’s caretaker hadn’t visited his relatives in his native Jamaica for four years, they collected money for hus air ticket.
6. Brazilian skydiver Luigi Cani released 100 million seeds from 28 native trees while leaping from a plane over a deforested area of the Amazon rainforest.
7. A dog named Patron helped Ukrainian emergency services find 200 unexploded bombs. President Zelenskyy awarded Patron the Order of Courage.
8. A hiker who was injured while climbing in Croatia’s mountains was saved from freezing to death by his dog. Alaskan Malamute Dog named North lay on top of him, keeping him warm for 13 hours until they were reached by rescuers.
9. An old man in Australia knitted woollen jumpers for penguins threatened by an oil leak to stop them swallowing the toxic oil while cleaning themselves.
10. When the 11-day war between Israel and Palestine ended, an Israeli kindergarten teacher donated a kidney to a three-year-old boy from the Gaza Strip.
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