(idea for the new book)
This book idea is not based on a continuous narrative story, but it rather shows different fathers living in the world, what their professions are, what different situations they experience and how varied and colourful life is with their children (which I haven't drawn yet). The book would start with a sentence “Different people have different fathers”. Some fathers are big, others are small. Some are fathers to many children, others have only one child. Some try to be the best fathers in the world, others take the role of parent with ease. Some are with their children every day, others rarely see them. Some fathers experienced many difficult moments in their lives. Sometimes they get angry and then they regret it. Some fathers are already grandfathers and some are no longer with us. That's the way life goes…
Of course the book would have some sort of unifying happy-ending which I haven't figured out yet.
The second book can be about moms:)
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