Hello Summer
Hello Summer will be 10 minute-long comedy film for children and their parents about a family, that expects to have the best summer holiday ever but instead they end up going through a rollercoaster of troubles until they find out what their holiday is really about.
Family consisting of mom, dad, son and a daughter is going to summer vacation. As they leave their house, they are all happy and looking forward to have the best holiday ever. But on the way to the airport, things are getting worse and complicated.
As they arrive to the destination, they start to be upset, because everybody has a different taste of how to enjoy holidays. They start to be angry at each other which leads to the point when they split and everybody goes own way.
For a little moment everybody enjoys being alone, but soon they start to feel lonely and unhappy. In the end they all meet again and realise that it doesn't really matter how many starts are on the hotel. What is really important is the time they spend together, with all the unexpected challenges to face. 
This film will be made as a combination of hand-drawn animation and a stop-motion animation of objects. The idea is dated back to my childhood, when we used to travel to summer holiday with my parents. I often get bored, and to entertain myself I usually took a blank sheet of paper and put some object on it. Than i took a pencil and drawn something on the paper, which changed this object to something new, usually to something bigger and funnier.
From the beginning our intention is to bring sunny atmosphere of summer holiday into the visual. We don't neccessarily want to anchor the story in any particular time or place. We decided to go for this retro french riviera vibe because it goes well with the light and humorous tone of the movie.
When it comes to the character design, we try to create them simple to animate but visually strong and archetypal, because for us they represent this central European family excited to go to the sea for the first time ever.
Let me introduce you our team. These are people working on this movie with us.
We were developing this project during the Animation Sans Frontieres and at Berlinale Talents. In 2020 we pitched it at MIFA in Annecy and won Open Workshop Award given by The Animation Workshop. In December 2021 the project won the main award at Animarkt Stop Motion Forum and in February 2022 was pitched at Euro Connection Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market. 
Hello Summer is produced by Slovak company Studio Bororo and co-produced by Czech production company MAUR Film. The film was supported by Slovak Audiovisual Fund and Czech Film Fund.
If you would like to know a little bit more about Hello Summer you can watch the video pitch we recorded for CEE Animation Forum. 
We still search for partners interested in artistic short animations for families with children. Therefore we would like to invite you for conversation and discussion! 

Feel free to contact me on martin@smatana.com
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