Home Cinema
Slovak Society of Authors LITA annually reaches out to a local author to create a NY greeting especially for them. I feel very thankful that I was asked to create this year's greeting from the New Year with Slovak Art series. 
Even though cinemas’ closure for many months deprived us of a shared moviegoing experience, many of us sought escape and distraction in movies and TV shows from our homes at least. And many imaginative solutions emerged. I found reports of community events where neighbours got together to watch old movies projected onto a house wall. 
This particularly helped the elderly, who could overcome loneliness by spending time with others in the safety of their homes. Film as a work of art brought people together, and for a moment helped them forget the harsh realities of everyday life.
In November 2021, my book A Year of Good News was released, in which I depicted various positive messages from around the world through textile illustrations.
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