Tatra banka Foundation Art Award
Tatra banka Foundation Award for Art has been awarded to personalities who have contributed to the development of Slovak art with their work in the last year.
Awards are given for a specific work of art in 6 categories:
Audiovisual production: cinematographic or television work and radio
Theater: opera, drama, ballet, dance, musical
Music: opera, classical, alternative, popular
Literature: poetry, prose, non-fiction
Fine art: graphics, photography, painting, sculpture, multimedia
Design: industrial, product, applied art
In each category, 1 main prize is  awarded for an artist over 35 years of age and 1 prize to young artist under 35 years of age. Congratulation to other 23 Slovak authors awarded by Tatrabanka Foundation Art Award this year!
More information at www.nadaciatatrabanky.sk and www.dennikn.sk
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