The Movers was my fourth-year student film in Animation department at FAMU in Prague, made by combination of live-action and digital animation. We recorded it in Barrandov studio in Prague together with slovak and czech mimes.
A middle aged forex trader is busy moving his financial curve higher, while two movers carry away everything that makes up this rich man´s world.
The protagonist of the film is a middle-aged man, a workaholic, who has gradually replaced his personal life with work, trying to do his best at any cost, not reflecting upon the reason or the sense. Man´s life is slipping through his fingers, falling apart and, bit by bit, he is losing everything that makes his little world up – may it be an item, a room, an animal or a person, all the elements of his mind can be disassembled and carried away.
Once, two movers, as if daily routine, appear in the office. The essence of movers´ mission is to dismantle, to deconstruct, to take the-thing-to-be-moved apart. Is the man´s narrow life a subject to such a removal? Where is it supposed to be moved to? And is there any chance of reversing the disassembly for the man?
The film copes with questions such as what a job, carrer, working life might mean for people, how they approach it, what the motivations for letting it to take overake could lie in, how harmful the consequences might become,... and finally, whether a way out exists.
Starring: Michal Hecht, Stevo Capko, Lukas Simon, Anna Kukuczková, Vojtech Svoboda, Tereza Holá,
Direction: Martin Smatana
Story: Patrik Pašš
Artworks: Kris Sagan, Dominika Kossová, Matej Mihályi
Animation: Martin Smatana, David Stumpf
Production: Karolína Davidová
DOP: František Jakubec
Editing: Ilona Malá
Costumes: Michaela Mihalyiová
Music by Martin Klusák
Greenscreen keying: Tibor Meliš
Compositing: Martin Smatana
Sound: Viera Marinová
Masks - Michaela Sládková
Prodction Assistant: Jan Stanek
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