Wooden dolls
Usually I transform good news stories from newspapers to soft textile illustrations made from old secondhand clothes. However this time I created a few wooden dolls representing main heroes of several good news stories which happened around the world in 2022. 

Dinamo Bucharest players turned up on the pitch before a game accompanied by abandoned dogs from animal shelters. Viewers could later adopt the dogs they had seen on television.

At the age of 19, Belgian-British aviator Zara Rutherford became the youngest pilot to circumnavigate the world solo. During her five-month journey, in a microlight aircraft designed in the Czech Republic and built in Slovakia, she covered more than 51,000 kilometres and flew over five continents undeterred by frost, storms, smog or bureaucracy.

After war broke out in Ukraine, José Andrés, a famous Spanish chef, travelled to the Polish-Ukrainian border. With his team he prepared thousands of meals a day for refugees, supported by local chefs, restaurants, food producers and suppliers.

A period of heavy rains and flooding didn’t deter an Indian couple from tying the knot. They sailed to their wedding down the flooded streets of their town in a cooking pot.

Czech, Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian musicians teamed up for a charity event to show their support to those affected by the war in Ukraine and recorded a track, I Won’t Give Up.

The President of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, personally walked an 11-year-old girl with Down‘s syndrome to school after he heard that she was being bullied.

When the neighbour who lent a tent to the twelve-year-old English boy Max Woosey died in a hospice, the boy decided to raise funds for homes that care for the terminally ill. By spending 500 nights sleeping in a tent he raised half a million pounds sterling and was met by the Prime Minister.

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